Save A Life Lackawanna County

About Us Save a life LC

Save a life Lackawanna County is a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting suicide awareness by raising money for scholarships for high school students who promote such education in their schools and communities. Additional goals would be to financially assist local families who have been directly affected by a suicide.

 Our Board is dedicated to serving our local community . Founded in 2008; Save a Life has raised and allocated over $20,000.00 to these causes. At present Save a Life is incorporation as a non-profit 501 C3 organization. 
MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to actively create suicide awareness in our community and to support families directly impacted by suicides. We do this with the utmost respect and dignity for all concerned. We pursue awareness to ultimately prevent suicides.
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Save a Life Lackawanna County
Attention: Kevin Cleary
223 Rushbrook Rd
Scott Township, Pa. 18433
Phone 570-254-6031
We thank our golfers and sponsors who support us each year. We are humbled by their generosity and commitment to our cause. 
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